Together we are strong. We are happy to take a step forward together; stagnation is a step backwards.


We provide your employees with the facts, visions and background information on automation and digitization. Thrilling and convincing impulse lectures take your workforce along for the ride! This reduces fears and promotes the willingness to actively participate.

Sales Competence

Startups often have ingenious ideas that the market needs. But the market does not know yet. We help you to create a sales strategy targeted and accompany the implementation. For this purpose, a huge international network of potential prospects and customers is available. We create a stable concept for medium-sized automation technology companies
with a Business Plan to successfully secure the good financial future.

Application Expertise

My trusted partners and I will help you create a meaningful and understandable strategy for planning and implementing digitization and automation for your small and mid-sized company. In the beginning the right questions help to the right people. Then start manageable. We help you with that.

Application areas

Industries / industry segments

Textile / Shoes


Food & Beverage

Automotive / E-Mobility

Personal Care

Machine Tools





Robotics / Cobots



Software / IIOT

Machine Vision / 3D






Proven Success

Sustainable success through digitization

Digitization is not an end in itself, much less is it a marketing hype.
It is the only way into the competitive future: Avoiding waste through meaningful networking integrated process chains in real time.


of companies want to execute and track their orders in real time


of companies can thus offer their customers new added value


of companies measure accelerated and optimized own processes


of companies improve cooperation through data management


of companies expect a change in their own business model


of companies improve the customer relationship through transparency


of the companies expect the doubling of their own profit


of companies have problems tackling digitization themselves


of the companies have successfully implemented individual I4.0 projects


of companies see themselves threatened by digitization


Partner recommendations in the industry

Top-class experts and executives from the industry and the education of the automation are communicated confidentially to the appropriate project and profile confidentially. Only many years of positive experience leads to mediation. By agreement, a direct contract is concluded with the respective external partner.

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