Sustainable Business Development


Not for every price. But for lasting success!

The robot population is increasing worldwide by ten percent per year. At the same time, automation prices are falling, the labor costs rise and the quality of work and life grows.
This requires new methods in selection and procedures in automation.
New technologies are emerging and thus enable new meaningful and economical automation.
End customers will be able to independently build small solutions themselves, quickly and cost-effectively.

Basis for sustainable success

Ethics, appreciation and culture come first.

Ethics: We provide your employees with the facts, visions and background information on automation and digitization. Thrilling and convincing impulse lectures take your workforce along for the ride! This reduces fears and promotes the willingness to actively participate.


Sales Competence: Startups often have ingenious ideas that the market needs. But the market does not know yet. We help you to create a sales strategy targeted and accompany the implementation. For this purpose, a huge international network of potential prospects and customers is available.


Application Expertise : My trusted partners and I will help you create a meaningful and understandable strategy for planning and implementing digitization and automation for your small and mid-sized company. In the beginning the right questions help to the right people. Then start manageable. We help you with that.


Sustainable success guaranteeCareful planning, networked thinking, the use of modern means, and dignified integration of all involved people ensure a reliable basis for costs and quality. Clear briefing and transparent objectives build confidence and lead to stable common goal.




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